Exhibitors from Guangdong in the 2017 CHTF, Largest in Number
Source:CHTF Organizing Committee | Author:Yoky yu | Published time: 2017-11-20 | 1179 Views | Share:
Thanks to a package of incentives from local administrations for financing in the science and technology sector, interaction between science and industry kept escalating in Guangdong. Preparation for the Guangdong Venture Capital Fund for Major Science and Technology Projects is on full swing with the launching of relevant government policies. As technology companies get increasingly involved with the capital market, they were viewed as a key to the innovation-driven development and the government’s high-tech companies cultivation program also contributed to the drastic growth of high-tech companies over the province. The 2017 CHTF elaborates on the theme of “innovation-driven development and supply quality upgrade” and a large variety of events, shows and technology transfers take place between November 16th and November 21st. Due to the growing engagement from the private sector, Guangdong Exhibitor Group ranked first both in scale and in project numbers, compared with other groups at provincial levels. In the 2017 CHTF, Guangdong Group intertwine the display of Enterprise Key Projects with presentations on the pillar industries in different regions. In particular, it will feature the province’s progress in technology and the impact of the massive technology industrialization in line with the boom of high-tech and strategic emerging industries in the province. Some of the credit for the boom shall go to Guangdong’s self-developed innovation and the successful cooperation between the R&D, universities and enterprises. Cross-over Presentation on Enterprise Key Projects and Pillar Industries of Different Regions The Enterprise Key Projects Show located at the center area of the Exhibition will be a multi-dimension display of innovative projects developed by 7 exhibitors from a variety of sectors. The Mass Innovation and Industrial Upgrade Project sponsored by the Guangdong Academy of Sciences, the Intelligent Making for Innovative Zhuhai Project launched by the Zhuhai Municipality and the Intelligent Cluster for Start-ups and Innovation Project introduced by the Jiangmen Municipality will illustrate the status-quo of restructuring and upgrade in different regions of the province and changes generated by the aspiration for innovation, start-up and intelligent manufacturing. Boom of the High-tech Industry and the Strategic Emerging Industry Out of the 179 projects staged by the Guangdong Group in the 2017 CHTF, 37 fall into the category of new energy and new material. 22 belong to electronic information. 31 are of the bio-medicine industry and the rest 24 are related to modern manufacturing. Sinomach, a specialist in R&D, manufacturing, examination and consulting services of industrial robots, intelligent devices and key components, will unveil its inspection robots and its coordinating system in the 2017 CHTF. The ELE Abrasives in possession of dozens of self-developed IPR is a company capable of R&D, manufacturing, marketing and after sale service and will also exhibit its innovative tools for professional manufacturing. Self Developed Innovation and Cooperation between R&D, Universities and Enterprises Efforts token by the province to facilitate self developed innovation and the cooperation between R&D, Universities and Enterprises proved to be highly awarding. 126 projects have been granted with IPR, accounted for 70.4% of the 179 projects developed by Guangdong exhibitors in the 2017 CHTF. High-lighted projects will include the Mass Innovation and Industrial Upgrade Project to be staged by the Guangdong Academy of Sciences, the cutting-edge welding technologies demonstrated by the China Ukraine Baton Welding Research Institute, the Tiange medicine fertilizer, the bacteria degradation plastic film, TPV and TPE developed by the Guangdong Research Institute of Petrochemical and Fine Chemical Engineering. (Guangdong Group: 9C10, Innovation and Scientific Development Exhibition, Hall 9i) The rising interests of Guangdong enterprises in the 2017 CHTF is a strong indicator of CHTF’s attractiveness as a resourceful platform for international cooperation and the industrialization of innovative technologies. The CHTF said the transformation of traditional industries, an integrated development of industries and the incentive for corporate competitiveness will remain on the top of its agenda.
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