The Common Machining Processes
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As showed,we are a manufacturer specialized in CNC machining for a long time.And,do you know what's the common processes of machining technology?Here we would like to talk about it a bit.

Common machining processes include: five-axis machining, ceramic machining, chemical CNC machining, electrical discharge machining, discharge drilling, CNC titanium, emergency construction / on-site machining, casting machining, grinding, fine machining (small parts processing), Plastic processing, turning processing, thread processing, Swiss car processing, etc., to learn the characteristics of the processing technology of cast aluminum. In general, cast parts require some finishing of the details. Some casting methods (such as melt casting and die casting) are more accurate than other casting methods, but there are always some dimensional tolerances or geometric shapes that cannot be directly Casted and must be machined. Usually OEMs or other end users provide castings to the machine shop, which are finished by the machine shop and then returned to the OEM. Some machining shops specialize in the finishing of castings.

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