The ISO Certified CNC Machining and Sheet Metal Manufacturer
Source:Shenzhen Zone-KX Technology Co.,Ltd | Author:Yoky | Published time: 2018-06-07 | 993 Views | Share:
Congratulations on Shenzhen Zone-KX Technology that we have won the ISO 9001:2015 certification.
We are becoming more mature on skills of CNC machining,CNC cutting,metal stamping,sheet metal fabrication and related progresses.
Our products can be applied to all kinds of fields like Smart home industry,
automotive industry, household & daily application, construction, radio & video
instruments IP box, IPTV box, and so on.
We are capable to start production according to client’s drawings & prototypes.
With our own engineer team, we are also capable to supply technology support for clients.
So far, we have won great customers from Germany, Italy, Holland, US, Armenia,Russia,
Korea, Israel, Australia, Zimbabwe, Spain…etc, and received good feedback.
Congratulations on our success on winning ISO 9001:2015 certification on hardware components production and assembly!
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