Hardware enterprise technology innovation must be in accordance with the marketing concept.
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Hardware enterprise technology innovation must be in accordance with the marketing concept.
The connotation of enterprise technology innovation

Technological innovation is the process of thinking to the market.In the market as the guidance, the transformation of scientific and technological potential for marketing advantage of innovation activities.From idea to market research, technology development, product development, production, marketing and service of process.Understand the content of technology innovation from the Angle of marketing, we should at least have the consciousness of the following:

A. the technological innovation is a kind of marketing idea

Technology innovation is not a pure concept of science and technology, also is not a general scientific discovery or invention, but a modern marketing concept.Must reflect market orientation, it emphasizes that the enterprise must be geared to the needs of the market for the research and development, the market demand, social demand and export as the basic starting point of the research and development, and the whole innovation process each link is to implement the marketing concept, namely technology innovation must be bring tangible benefits to enterprise and market buyers.In haier group CEO zhang ruimin's words, is the market problem as innovation subject.

B. technological innovation is a systems engineering

Just as the success of the marketing needs a series of effective marketing combination, also needs to have a series of technical innovation to form a complete set of the target market strategy, as well as product, price, channel, promotion strategy.Therefore, it is a systems engineering, rather than a single activity or a link.Only with the help of numerous organic coordination of strategy and tactics, can ensure the success of technology innovation.

C. technology innovation attaches great importance to the application value

It emphasizes the technology development and effective application of unity, attaches great importance to the new combination technology with other elements, as mentioned above, the enterprise's survival and development must be market-oriented, technology innovation must lay stress on the conversion of scientific and technological achievements and should be used, rely on technological progress and industrial upgrading in order to make the enterprise strength and economic benefit.Therefore, technological innovation needs and marketing innovation, service innovation, channel innovation elements related to organic coordination, in this way, technology innovation can give enterprise to bring real benefits.

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