Metal products export situation is still complicated in the short term
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Before the financial crisis, the metal products industry output value reached 800 billion yuan, and has kept more than 15% of the growth, including $50.3 billion of exports
Before the financial crisis, the metal products industry output value reached 800 billion yuan, and has kept more than 15% of the growth, of which exports reached $50.3 billion, about 40-50% of the total output value of industry, in addition to 2007 years ago has remained in 20-30% growth.
Starting from the second half of 2008, financial crisis swept the world.Europe and the United States economy, external market shrink, the export-oriented Chinese hardware industry has a significant effect.At that time, the hardware industry export figures hit bottom, in the first half of 09, exports, has decreased by 22% compared with a year earlier, was ever in history.
According to customs statistics, in 2009, ten categories of products export hardware, building hardware products biggest year-on-year, reached 31..2%.Tools products drop more than 7%.
Time to enter in 2010, the hardware industry in the international market demand slowly began to rebound, signs of "recovery" is gradually increasing orders.A lot of people are beginning to put forward, hardware industry has entered the so-called "post-crisis era", said China's hardware industry already walked out of the shadow of the financial crisis, the form is very optimistic, very bright future.
"Now, I'm afraid we are pleased to get there a little early."'10, the organizing committee of the China international hardware show (CIHS' 10), experts say, "the export of the hardware industry is growing, but more of a 'restorative growth, or' revenge 'growth."
The export of Chinese hardware recovery?Looks very beautiful
According to official statistics, in the Canton fair 107th Canton fair.Total turnover of 34.3 billion us dollars, 12.6% higher than in autumn 2009 SEC, but given is in the worst financial crisis in 2009, the turnover data of phase locked is lower, so according to this year's growth, exports from all walks of life to have not restored to the level before the financial crisis, is "restorative growth".
Foreign trade industry experts believe that despite the Canton fair trading volume keep restorative growth, but did not return to the level before the financial crisis.Under the current international market still remains many unknown factors, the foreign trade recovery is still not optimistic.Exhibition companies also said that enterprises generally reflect, emerging market buyers purchasing desire enhanced obviously, on the international market recovery prospects look good, but they are also on the yuan exchange rate, the relevant state policies of persistent worries and factors such as higher cost, clinch a deal the short more than single, less long single phenomenon is still outstanding.
"Canton fair data not only so, according to the '10 this year China international hardware show (CIHS' 10) and the related hardware business contact and communication, also confirmed that the export of hardware industry form is in the recovery, but the extent of recovery is very limited. Look from the current situation, the parties to the before" post-crisis "export of the estimate of the situation may be too optimistic."'10 the organizing committee of the China international hardware show (CIHS' 10) experts said.
In the first half of last year due to the impact of the financial crisis, foreign vendors at the time of purchase very carefully, mainly in order to clear stocks.Until now, their inventory is insufficient, some restocking demand.In addition, the ball around the market situation is different also, currently in South Asia, eastern Europe, Russia, the Middle East and other emerging market demand growth is rapid, but as a traditional hardware export destination of the European Union and the United States market demand is still relatively slow recovery.
"China international hardware show (CIHS) is the world's second DaWuJin exhibition, has so far held 10 sessions. Provide strong support for the exhibition by the cologne hardware show, and has been committed to for our hardware enterprises expand stable export channel, boost the development of China's hardware industry."'10, the organizing committee of the China international hardware show (CIHS' 10) experts said, "according to the current situation, this year's '10 China international hardware show (CIHS' 10) will continue to keep the number of European and American buyers advantage at the same time, focus on inviting central and South America, South Asia, eastern Europe, Russia, Middle East and Africa and other emerging markets of professional buyers to purchase. It expects China international hardware show (CIHS) will break through 3000, the number of overseas buyers to help expand the export channels hardware export enterprises in China, out of the shadow of the financial crisis at an early date. In addition, the exhibition organizers will also invite large financial institutions to participate in the exhibition, providing export additional services such as international settlement."

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